1. Telluride

From the recording Boy Meets Groove

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Eric Blumer - microKORG synthesizer, all guitars, drum machine
Elijah Samuels - saxophone
Todd Edmunds - electric bass
Tyler Grant - mandolin

Telluride is a smooth jazz composition which features Blumer on microKORG synthesizer and acoustic guitar, Elijah Samuels on saxophone, and Tyler Grant on mandolin. Telluride paints a musical picture of the mountain town's spectacular snow peaked mountains, swift streams and rivers. Tyler Grant’s mandolin picking pays homage to Telluride’s bluegrass festival. Telluride's percussive, percolating sound comes from both the MicroKORG synthesizer and a drum machine I bought to use one time on this recording. I always liked the sequenced drum machine sound on David Gray’s “Babylon” and on Bruce Hornsby’s “Just The Way It Is. ”

Telluride - “To hell you ride, to heaven I go.”