Boy Meets Groove

     This old photograph tells the story. That's me on the right (drums) and my best friend Dale on the left (tennis racket). We were about nine when this was taken about 1969 or 1970.

     I found my musical groove at the age of five when I eagerly awaited the sound of the high school marching band coming down the street each afternoon practicing. Each day I would march along-side them, on the side walk, memorizing the drum cadence. My brother was one of the drummers. When he got his new drum set, I would play it (when he was out of the house.) I practiced a lot.

     By the time I was nine, I was asked to perform “Wipe Out” at the university variety show.

     Drumming has been my passion since I was a boy. I met and studied a number of legendary drummers like Buddy Rich, Billy Cobham, Louie Bellson, Ed Shaughnessy, Carmine Appice. Through high school and college I played in bands - rock, jazz, country, polkas and waltzes. By my early 20's I had played between five hundred and one thousand gigs. 

    When I graduated from college, I decided not to pursue a career in music. I decided to wait...until now. 

     I have been working as a national and international award winning Video Journalist, TV News Photographer, Producer, and Editor. (National TV Photographer of the Year, International IRIS Award and more) Working as a video journalist / news photographer has been interesting, challenging, entertaining and often exciting. I have so many stories to tell.

    I started recording this album in my basement in 2011 or so. I was joined by outstanding musicians, including P- Funk All Star Alumni bassist, Lonnie Motley.

    I am excited for you to hear Boy Meets Groove. It is a self produced and self recorded project.