From the recording Boy Meets Groove

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North Dakota Sky Blues opens with stark, mellow, mysterious, foreboding electric guitar chords, delicately played note by note. Bass guitar and mandolin add to paint the sonic picture of North Dakota Sky Blues. Blumer grew up in the rural landscape.

Eric Blumer - all guitars, drums, percussion, chimes and piano
Lonnie Motley - electric bass
Tyler Grant - mandolin
Dogs - my neighborhood

If you listen carefully you will hear Blumer's nod to Pink Floyd’s 1977 album Animals (dogs barking in the distance.)

I grew up in a small town in North Dakota, before the internet, before cable television, before FM Radio. For me, North Dakota was a place of wide open spaces, long lost days, and good hard working folks for the most part. North Dakota Sky Blues represents both North Dakota’s rural emptiness and its hard workers.