1. Cindy Lou Who

From the recording Boy Meets Groove

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This wild, colorful tune, was written about cartoon characters battling over their identities.
Eric Blumer - microKORG synthesizer, guitars, drums, percussion
Jason Klobnak and Elijah Samuels - trumpet and saxophone
Ross Hoekman - electric bass
The Cindy Lou Who Dr. Seuss character popped into my head one morning as I remembered a visit to my buddy’s place near Breckenridge, Colorado. His daughter (about three or four years old) walked into the living room to say goodnight. I thought she looked exactly like Cindy Lou Who of the Grinch TV show! Years later that memory popped into my head and I immediately wrote the words and music,
“Cindy Lou Who, who are, who are you? Cindy Lou Who, who are you.”